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louisa jane ([personal profile] cloudbusting) wrote2010-03-31 02:31 am

it takes so long to see what you've been missing

I've been listening to Passing Strange a lot tonight. It's a great musical (like, really fucking great and it should never have closed), and it means a lot to me. It's very raw and emotional, and kind of rips you to shreds by the end, which is what I love about it. I like theatre that really fucks with you, and tears apart any preconceived notions you have of the world.

That's part of the reason why, as an actress, I really like playing disturbed/disturbing characters. I like unnerving the audience, and I feel someone with a mental illness, I can connect with those characters on a certain level which I find emotionally rewarding for some reason.

But yeah. Passing Strange=awesome.
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hi! i saw you subscribed/granted access to me, and i added you back. i'm shana :)

it's interesting that you're an actress-- and it makes sense that you can connect more with disturbed/disturbing characters. me too (though i don't act, or, well, i've wanted to and tried to at times, but generally failed). i tend to write about people like that, though. and connect to those people in books, and movies, and plays and things, too. it's good to see people who also struggle, whose power is represented, in art. i definitely like art that really fucks with me, too.

Passing Strange looks like an awesome musical, i'd love to see it (i think it's been recorded on dvd?) sometime. would be much more awesome in concert/show, though, yes! :( though i'd need subtitles so maybe on dvd it'll be good (if they have subtitles).