cloudbusting: (fierce as shit)
louisa jane ([personal profile] cloudbusting) wrote2010-04-19 01:36 pm

sing a song of forgetting, again

-- I feel a lot safer updating here than Livejournal. I'm not sure why. I think I might want to move to DW permanently, but I don't know that many people on here. oh well.

-- I did my hair like Natalie Dormer today, with a braid in the front. I am pleased. :3

-- I got into a debate about mental illness with someone on LJ, and they actually apologized. It was really nice of them to own up to their privilege, and it was a relief for me, because I didn't have many spoons for the argument.

Idk what else to say. I've been using a lot of "I" statements in this post, and it makes me feel self-centered.